How to Upload Multiple Documents to Sharepoint

Here’s how to upload multiple documents to Sharepoint efficiently.

Uploading documents individually to SharePoint is OK for a one or two documents. But what if you have dozens or hundreds? While there are a few choices, only one of them is a good use of your time.


Uploading documents to SharePoint can be slow and tedious, but it doesn’t have to be.

Possible Solutions

Hire a temp to do the grunt work

Paying someone $20/hr until you found this blog earns you a life lesson that you should always assume there’s a better way, then Google for it until you prove yourself right.

Upload documents one at a time

Proves that your clicking skills are superb and that you have no respect for your time.

Batch upload documents as shown below

Save yourself lots of time and from hiring an intern who may drink all your coffee.


  1. In your document library, click “Documents”.
  2. Click “Upload Document” -> “Upload Multiple Documents”.
  3. Select multiple documents then click “OK”.

Use the Multiple File Uploader