How to fix the VMware error, The network bridge on device vmnet0 is not running

After updating Windows 10 your VMware network bridge stops working. Here’s how to fix the problem.

We can all appreciate the benefits of security updates in Windows, but for system administrators, it means routinely checking what the update breaks. If you’ve carefully read through the release notes and checked them against your custom configurations, upgrades can be a minor annoyance, but manageable. The fun is when upgrades break stuff and instead of working on your projects you need to search blogs like mine for a solution.


After Windows 10 updates itself, you may find that VMWare Workstation, or VMware Player, networking stops working. Here’s one way you can fix this.


  1. Open the Control Panel -> Networking - > Adapter
  2. Click your Adapter and choose Properties.
  3. Install -> Service -> VMware - > VMware Bridge Protocol
  4. Re-connect your adapter in VMware